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We are now entering our busiest season in the run up to Christmas. The generic boxes are selling well & those who complained to us over the use of the word “Traditional” are happier. We are still coping with the corrugated shortages well, but we stress that supplies in the lead up to Christmas may be affected. Please order early to avoid disappointment. To compound problems, we are facing another board price increase in early November, this time on the back of rising energy prices. Paper production is energy intensive, and gas is burned within the process to dry paper prior to corrugated manufacture. There is nothing we can do about these increases, and we’re told that there may be another one in December, if confirmed this will be the sixth price increase this year. Polymer prices continue to rise too, and this affects bags. Jigsaw has absorbed these prices rises as much as possible, but it is inevitable that prices will rise again, closer to Christmas. This is another reason to order early.

We still receive small, mixed orders through our website, if you place such an order and the P&P seems expensive, contact the office prior to confirming the order and we will try to resolve the matter. Payments are collected through our site by PayPal, you do not need an account and you can use any credit card except Amex. We can also take payments over the phone, or we can send pro forma invoices if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer.

Finally, a combined order of 240 bag in boxes qualifies for free delivery. Given that there may be supply issues closer to Christmas, please consider placing one large order rather than two or three small ones. Not only will this work out cheaper, but it guarantees continuity of supply for you.

Jigsaw Bag-in-Box sells bags, boxes and associated equipment for filling and dispensing many liquids but particularly beer, cider and wine. Bag in box is a technical product and Jigsaw is the place where all the pieces fit together.

We have over twenty years’ experience of bag in box packaging and are specialists. Bag in box is our business, and not a bolt on part of a larger packaging business. Bag in box is an ideal solution for the dispense of beer, cider, wine, water and a range of other products. Carbonated products and chemicals that deleteriously affect plastics are beyond anyone, let alone us!

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