At Jigsaw bag-in-box we have rationalizing our 20 litre stock of boxes. We have replaced our square and rectangular boxes with a newly designed, rectangular ale (pictured) and cider box.

By carrying less stock we are able to keep our prices as economical as possible and the new boxes are stronger and have self-fixing front panels. The new boxes are easier to fill and close and can be supplied either with the 'Traditional Ale' or 'Traditional Cider' design, plain white or individually branded for your business.

All our bags are remaining the same dimensions and will fit the new box comfortably. The bags will take slightly over 36 pints if required but many customers have requested a standard 36 pint box.

  We are often asked if we can print client logos on boxes, and we can. The reasons for doing it are obvious, the image is improved and this allows you to enhance the appeal of your products, thereby increasing sales. The set up costs vary from design to design but typically a 20L / 36 pint own design box would cost you £400, sometimes it's even less. This is a one off cost and after that we can run as many boxes as you wish based on the minimum order quantities below. Clearly we cannot set up a production machine for 50 boxes as the set up would be longer than the run length and therefore the costs would be prohibitive. There are several factors to bear in mind:

1. The more complex the design, the higher the cost

2. We can print up to six colours, but three colours can be done easily and is more common, note each colour will cost an additional £200 - £300 set up costs.

Think where the product is going, if it's a cellar then one colour will generally suffice. Supermarket shelves need impact & we can do glossy boxes for 3L - 10L in up to six colours.

4. We will supply you a template to work on, settle on a design yourself in conjunction with your designer, and stick to it. Each change or addition will add to the cost.

Once the set up costs have been paid, we can print millions of boxes for you but your needs are likely to be more modest. The minimum runs for your own designs printed on off white background paper are as follows:

3L boxes:1200, 5L boxes: 800, 10L boxes: 600, 36pint (20L) boxes: 300.

We are able to run such small quantities because we produce them by tagging them on the end of our production runs. You then benefit from the lowest individual unit cost we can offer and the flexibility of a short lead time. We can also run boxes in brown or white, in fact virtually colour you want, however this will attract a premium and an increased minimum order quantity. The lead time is 3 - 6 weeks typically, although we have turned things around quicker than this as needs suit.

    Here at Jigsaw we get strange requests from time to time and when we answered the phone to Battleready we didn’t know quite what to expect. Do you sell bags? Yes, Can you get them here quickly? Yes, the day after tomorrow?  Yes would the morning be OK? What do you need them for? We’re a company called Battleready and we’re going to turn them into medieval drinking vessels for re-enactment societies and theatrical and TV productions, they use our bags as the inners for water bladders. They take a bag and sew leather around to give it an authentic look. CLICK HERE to visit Battleready
Bag in box - Greener than Glass
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